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How many mutual funds are there in India?

Investing directly in equity markets is a risk that not everyone is comfortable accepting, so mutual funds provide an alternative for stock market enthusiasts who do not have the necessary knowledge to buy shares offered by various companies.

Steering India's Finance: Meet the Top Regulators in the Game

The financial market provides liquidity, cash mobilization, and capital formation. As a result, it plays a crucial role in every nation's economy, and Individuals get a chance to engage in commerce and develop their financial situation.

What would a Top Financial Advisor would tell you about Investment planning?

Financial planners are experts that assist organizations and individuals in developing investment strategies that satisfy long-term objectives.

Tax Deductions in the sale and purchase of property

The Indian government has made it mandatory for purchasers to deduct TDS at 1%. TDS is applicable on payments made in connection with the purchase of the property.

Tax Refund: A detailed guide

Income Tax Department offers an online tool for monitoring refund status. Taxpayers can check their return status ten days after sending their refund request.

India's Top 10 Life Insurance Companies

An insurance policy is an agreement between a policyholder and an insurer. When an insured person dies or after a predetermined time, the insurer pays a sum in exchange for a premium.

TDS V/s TCS: An Overview

You must strategically plan to purchase life insurance, a term plan, or any other tax-saving investment to avoid tax. You must also keep track of your assets and income.

Tax advice for Traders and Investors

Keeping up to date with the latest tax regulations is crucial if you own stock market investments.

How much Money do you Need to Start Trading?

Many people enter or wish to enter the world of stock market trading just by looking at the huge profits traders make

Overview of Investing: Types of investing, how to start investing

Investing involves putting money into something to earn money or make a profit. Your risk tolerance and goals for the fund may determine the type of investment you choose. In general, taking on fewer risks results in lower returns, whereas taking on more risks results in higher returns.

The Financial Market explained in simple terms.

A financial market is any marketplace where trading happens, including the stock market, bond market, forex market, and derivatives market.

How Much Money is Required to Start Trading in Stock Market‍?

This article will try to demystify the capital requirement for trading in the stock market and explain how to start trading and begin earning. ‍

How to choose the best mutual fund?

Best mutual funds come in a wide variety of forms. This enormous range of items may appear intimidating to some investors.

An Overview of Index Funds: How to invest, risks and benefits

Investors should remember that index funds haven't produced very impressive returns. It is undoubtedly a concept, though, and one that might become more enticing in the future. An index offers a clean and efficient instrument for evaluating the market.

What is Bull Market V/s Bear Market? All you need know

Stock market fluctuations are like a Nation's heartbeat, which constantly fluctuates according to its circumstances. Therefore, the market will move in either direction (up or down).

A Beginner’s Guide To Growth Investing

Although people have various financial styles and preferences, depending on variables like the investor's time horizon and risk tolerance, there will be different optimum ways to achieve this aim.

How to Invest in Stocks: A Guide for Beginners

Long-term stock market investing can assist in money management. When you first begin investing in the stock market, it may be intimidating since it is too complicated or risky.

8 Must-Read Stock Trading Books for Beginners

Most traders are either not making the right investment decisions or trust the correct sources. That is why it is essential for beginners to first educate themselves about all the small concepts and principles of the stock market. 

What is Intraday trading, and how does it work?

Intraday securities are traded on exchanges during regular business hours, meaning "within the day." Stocks and exchange-traded funds are among these securities (ETFs).

7 Hottest Fixed Deposits to invest in India 2023

Fixed deposit is a much safer investment option which can bring good returns after a certain tenure.

Most common terms used by professional traders

Here are the most common terms used by professional full time traders in markets.

Everything You Wanted to Know About HEDGING

The purpose of hedging is to reduce the risk of price movements that might turn out adverse at any point of the trade.

Your Absolute Guide to Mutual Funds in 2023

The term mutual fund refers to a collection of funds managed by a professional fund manager. A trust that invests money in stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other securities after collecting funds from several participants who have similar investing goals.

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